Monday, 8 December 2014

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Generic Customization, Data Conversion, Integration Overview

one.      ISV extensions pool for MS CRM. Before you go to implement your company custom solution, you ought to probably check if the product is obtainable from third party ISV seller for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft CRM, also referred as Microsoft Dynamics CRM has for now long career path since 1999. So far MS CRM proved to be excellent solution for companies with the offices located in various business metros & needing web based coordination. MS CRM is MS Net Explorer application, which could give your access to your customers, leads, prospects, services. It also opens lovely connection to Great Plains Microsoft Dynamics GP in the kind of integration. In short future they also expect Microsoft to integrate CRM with other leading ERP applications, such as Axapta.

two.      Generic CRM custom development & programming. Microsoft CRM implementation model allows web customization publishing & remote support, meaning such technologies as VPN, remote desktop connection, web sessions, this means, that in case you can not find talent to alter your CRM around the corner or across the street, not a major issue, try Nationwide talent search.

three.    MS CRM Integration with SAP Business. This is now becoming classical integrating process. SAP B1 has SB1 SDK, which allows MS Visual Studio C# or VB developer to manipulate SB1 business objects, such as Sales Order or Bill.

five.      MS CRM implementation two pennies advice. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is often picked by Microsoft oriented companies, where they are comfortable to support such technologies, as Exchange, IIS, SQL Server, Active Listing, BizTalk, Message Queue. Thinking about said above means that MS CRM is often self implemented in its technical & installation part, leaving something like black side of the moon integration side to outside consultants.

four.     CRM Integration with legacy systems, such as Lotus Notes Domino. Lotus to some extent is ODBC compliant DB platform, & Microsoft SQL Server is very robust to treat IBM Lotus as ODBC linked server to give you preliminary hint.

7.         Microsoft CRM SDK Programming. This is the only right way to do CRM customizations at this time, & they strictly discourage you from doing direct SQL Server update statements. In case you can succeed your customization to work, more likely it will be erased by MS CRM version upgrade logic & scripts. Customer relationship management

6.         Knowledge Massage & preliminary conversion. Implementing MS CRM is often about switching from your existing contact management process, such as ACT!, Gold Mine & similar. Knowledge conversion in the kind of preliminary master records import & balances could be completed by various tools, such as Scribe or native MS CRM integration utility.

8.         eCommerce scenarios & MS CRM. This is where they expect such new technologies as eConnect, XML web services to be thought about first. CRM can definitely enable some gateways, however it requires know-how familiarity.

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